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  • Only native stage is intended to run on glaucus
  • Arch and Fedora can be used to bootstrap glaucus (both toolchain and cross)


  1. autoconf (requries GNU m4, and perl to run autom4te on tests/
  2. automake
  3. bash
  4. bc?? (mussel)
  5. binutils
  6. byacc (or bison)
  7. bzip2?? (mussel)
  8. coreutils (or toybox)
  9. diffutils
  10. findutils
  11. g++
  12. gawk?? (mussel)
  13. gcc
  14. git
  15. grep
  16. grub
  17. gzip?? (mussel)
  18. help2man (requires perl as build time dependency, requires perl-locale-gettext?) (required for libtool in cross)
  19. hostname (or inetutils required by autoconf and libtool)
  20. ldconfig (gcc)
  21. libarchive (gcc requires tar for the make target “install-headers-tar”)
  22. libcap (requires bash inside progs/
  23. m4
  24. make
  25. makeinfo (binutils)
  26. meson/muon (required by muon to cross compile it on a glibc host) (muon does not support cross compilation)
  27. patch (requires automake as build-time dependency)
  28. perl / pod2man (gcc)
  29. pod2man (required for manual pages)
  30. procps-ng (requires autopoint from gettext-tiny and autoconf and automake for
  31. psmisc (requires autopoint from gettext-tiny and autoconf and automake for
  32. rsync
  33. sed
  34. texinfo
  35. toybox (requires bash for scripts/ and tests)
  36. wget2
  37. xz?? (mussel)
  38. zlib-ng (or zlib) (requires bash for configure script, this can be patched easily)
  39. zstd