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  • Check if we should give /var/mail permissions of 1777 (Arch?)

  • /etc/mtab is deprecated

  • /var/lock is a symlink to ../run/lock (/run/lock)

  • /var/run is a symlink to ../run (/run)

  • /var/spool/mail is a symlink to ../mail (/var/mail)

  • /usr merge

  • No lib64 (Pure 64-bit system)

  • Sticky bit is set on /tmp and /var/tmp

  • No one is using /run/tmp (with /tmp being a symlink to it, even Debian says it is only useful for embedded systems)

The programs mount and umount(8) traditionally maintained a list of currently mounted filesystems in the file /etc/mtab. The support for regular classic /etc/mtab is completely disabled at compile time by default, because on current Linux systems it is better to make /etc/mtab a symlink to /proc/mounts instead. The regular mtab file maintained in userspace cannot reliably work with namespaces, containers and other advanced Linux features. If the regular mtab support is enabled, then it’s possible to use the file as well as the symlink.