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  • libiberty is not needed because it acts like a libc and we already have one..

  • It also does not support shared libraries at all, and can only be available as libiberty.a which many distros remove post build or post install. I think it’s not installed by default nowadays, because there’s a certain switch —enable-install-libiberty that installs it

  • Software that needs libiberty will provide it on their own to prevent version changes

  • You can’t disable libiberty from binutils because gcc needs it:

    • alpine (for cross/system enables libiberty)
    • clear (manual install, copy to target dir)
    • dragora
    • t2
    • void (in a separate binutils-devel package)
  • Sabotage actually disables it using this:

  • Sabotage libiberty fix is intended for older versions of gnu packages: