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  • For kiss-s6-scripts look at the folder of s6-rc
  • Switch from contents to contents.d for bundles because skarnet deprecated it (same thing for dependencies and dependencies.d)
  • Apparently s6-rc-db does not do topological sorting on compiled databases when listing dependencies
  • /dev/fd exists on other unices and is provided under Linux for compatibility. /proc/*/fd is specific to Linux.
  • sysctl() the syscall is officially deprecated, but the binary sysctl is what is recommended nowadays and uses /proc/sys
  • No need to mount on /dev/shm as we’re symlinking it to /run/shm which is also tmpfs
  • /tmp is a symlink to /run/tmp which gets created on every boot (the symlink however gets created only once at the start of bootstrapping/installing the system /tmp)
  • The directories .ICE-unix and .X11-unix in /tmp both belong to Xorg and thus have been removed
  • fsck depends on sys to check for some features (and we should leave it to the initramfs?)
  • Consider having a virtual or a dev to bundle some services (like core, devpts, fd and shm)
  • We want to be initramfs agnostic, so use mountpoint to check for proc and sys (no need for devtmpfs becuase the kernel has options for automount and we can control that)
  • We need cgroup2 to be used as older versions rely on tmpfs on /sys/fs/cgroup