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  • Check if all tools like LIBTOOL=slibtool should be added to MAKEFLAGS (check Gentoo wiki and slibtool’s README?)

  • Officially migrated from to

  • slibtool does not install .la files by default

  • Currently slibtoolize and a lot of macros (m4 files) are needed to make slibtool a full replacement for libtool

  • Version 0.6.0 which will come out soon (March/April) will have:

    • in-memory archive merging
    • a fully-fledged slibtoolize
    • a fully functional sltdl (for mainstream usage, at least)
  • slibtoolize will be provided in the future (either as a mode or a symlink)

  • ltdl is no longer needed (it serves to provide a dlopen() functionality on systems which do not offer it, i.e. HP-UX and BeOS)