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Naming Convention - glaucus Wiki

cerasa single package
ceratamultiple packages
clustera single group of packages
clustersmultiple groups of packages
concentratea single build-time dependency
concentratesmultiple build-time dependencies
cysta single run-time dependency
cystsmultiple run-time dependencies
envenomatethe process of building a package from source
fleetall distributions based on glaucus
generamultiple projects forked from glaucus
genusa single project forked from glaucus
radulathe package manager
saca single directory that holds the build output of a single package
sacsmultiple directories that hold the build output of multiple packages
venoma single directory that holds a zstd tarball of a sac along with a checksum file of its contents
voyagera single glaucus developer or package maintainer
voyagersmultiple glaucus developers or package maintainers